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Former Oklahoma City cop, Daniel Holtzclaw was found guilty on 18 of 36 counts of rape, forceable oral sodomy and more, Thursday (Dec. 10) night. 28-year-old Holtzclaw burst into tears as the verdict was read, and was unable to control his emotions as he left the courtroom in handcuffs.

The man seen in court tonight, is a decidedly different image than how he acted on the job. When picking his victims, Holtzclaw specifically targeted Black women. Some with addiction issues, and criminal records. Women he probably assumed wouldn’t speak out, or those whose stories wouldn’t be seen as credible.

But it was a 57-year-old grandmother, whom Holtzclaw forced to give him oral sex in the back of his squad car, that blew the lid of his sexual attacks.

Last November, 13 victims shared similar testimony of Holtzclaw threatening them with jail time, or claiming he would help make tickets or warrants disappear in exchange for sexual favors.

He would force himself on the women, scaring and shaming them into secrecy, all under the guise of protecting and serving the community.

The jury recommended 263 years for the now convicted rapist. Holtzclaw will be sentenced Jan. 21.

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