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It’s been more than a year since a Maryland man says he’s been taunted and terrorized by a gun-toting neighbor. The accused, Shaun Porter, could face hate crime charges for harassing the man identified only as “Dante.”

Porter is reportedly upset that a Black family moved in next door, and has been doing everything in his power to make that known. “It’s so bad that when I call 911 within 10 second the dispatcher cuts me off [and says], ‘I already knew what you’re calling about,” said Dante.

Porter also pledges allegiance to the Confederate flag, and loves guns so much that neighbors says he puts assault rifles in the window as an intimidation tactic, and has a sign on his property reading: ‘No Trespassing, Visitors Will Be Shot. Survivors Will Be Shot Again.’

Reports Raw Story:

The neighbor, Shaun Porter, decorates his pickup truck, panel van and motorcycle with Confederate flags, and neighbors said he brandishes military-style weapons in his front windows and threatens others.

“He pulled a gun on some workers that were remodeling my bathroom because they parked in front of his house mistakenly, thinking it was mine,” Dante said.

Neighbors shared a photo of Porter and his teenage son engaged in an hours-long demonstration on the front lawn of the home they rent.

The photo shows the pair wearing Confederate flag bandanas over their faces and waving Confederate flags, with several others set up behind them, while standing in front of large signs promoting Ben Carson’s presidential campaign and urging lawmakers to “defund Planned Parenthood.”

Dante said Porter has told his son to leave the park if “the black kid is there,” referring to Dante’s son.

He called police at 2:30 a.m. one night last week after he said Porter played loud music for hours, and Porter responded by spray-painting “f*ck Dante” across the driver’s side of his own pickup truck.

“He’s threatening, he’s harassing — he’s doing absolutely everything,” Dante said. “Thursday night he put my name on his truck — then it became a direct attack.”

The neighborhood’s homeowners association has asked Porter to take down his Confederate flags — and he responded by setting up obscene signs on his front lawn showing board members’ faces and urging them to “eat sh*t.”

Deputies are now on around the clock patrol to make sure tensions don’t escalate between Donte and Porter, who claims he’s the actual victim. “He allegedly calls me names and he harasses me,” Porter said. “He calls the police about the way my car is parked in the middle of the night to wake me up on purpose. No, I don’t rev my engine late into the night — he’s talking about kids in the neighborhood, it has nothing to do with me.”

Dante however is fed up with Porter’s actions. “My family, in 2015, should not be subject to a hate crime…it’s absolutely ridiculous…I feel like I’m living in the 50s.”

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