Last month, Killer Mike and Democratic Party presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders sat down for lunch in Atlanta ahead of a stump speech from the Vermont senator. The burly southern rapper has released a series of videos where he and Sanders discuss a myriad of topics related to politics and beyond.

The pair met for the first time inside of Killer Mike’s Swag Shop barbershop in the city, as Bernie Sanders got acquainted with the Run The Jewels star. As expected, the conversation went deep with topics ranging from economics, the basics of socialism, how poverty strikes the Black community and opening the floor for Sanders to advance his political platform.

The interview series is stretched out in six parts, with Killer Mike prompting Sanders with poignant questions that are relevant to the tension present in modern times. If anything, the interview brings Sanders’ bombast and strong messages down to Earth and could serve as an aid for those undecided voters about what his policies would be should be elected as the next President of the United States.

Check out Killer Mike’s heavy political discussion with presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders in the clip below.


Photo: Screen Cap/YouTube

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