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Prodigy, who makes up one-half of the longtime rap duo Mobb Deep, took fans for quite a turn with the release of his 2011 autobiography, My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy. Next year, the Hempstead, Long Island native aims to release both a prison-themed cookbook and a follow-up memoir.

The pair of books will heavily draw from Prodigy’s experience in prison and his adjustment to life on the other side of the bars in the time after his 2011 release.

The first of the books, Commissary Kitchen, will be styled as both a cookbook and Prodigy’s accounts of surviving on a prison diet, especially as a person who combated a major physical ailment. There will be recipes inside the cookbook centered around the prison culinary lifestyle.

The second of the books, The State vs. Albert “Prodigy” Johnson, dives deeper into the rapper’s experiences while in prison and the pitfalls he had to avoid as a famous Hip-Hop figure whiled jailed. Especially candid in his first memoir, fans can expect to learn more about the menacing Hip-Hop legend via the second memoir.

Prodigy served over three years at the Middle State Prison Facilities after he was charged with illegal gun possession.

Writer and author Kathy Iandoli will work with Prodigy to produce the content for both titles.

In addition to the books, Prodigy’s publishing company, Infamous Books, will release what is being billed as a “fiction narrative” based on the life of Queens native and 50 Cent compatriot, Mazaradi Fox. Fox was killed in an ambush in 2014.

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