Tariq Trotter, a.k.a Black Thought will be giving listeners a deeper look into his personal journey thanks to a new project with Audible's series dedicated to music artists.

The business that oversees the venerable children's book series made the announcement on Read Across America Day (March 2).

While he still has a lot of work to do in order to win the hearts and minds of Hip-Hop culture back, Kodak Black is looking out for our future. He making sure the youth of his hometown is still getting their education during this health crisis.

Nipsey Hussle is no longer with us physically, but he is still leaving a significant impact. Hussle, who was not only philanthropist, rapper, and entrepreneur, was a huge fan of reading books, and that love for literature has inspired a book club in his name.

Prodigy, who makes up one-half of the longtime rap duo Mobb Deep, took fans for quite a turn with the release of his 2011 autobiography, My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy. Next year, the Hempstead, Long Island native aims to release both a prison-themed cookbook and a follow-up memoir.

In October, unabashed vixen Amber Rose will let her words do the talking instead of her Instagram profile. Rose is scheduled to author How to Be a Bad B***h via a newly announced deal with Simon & Schuster.

In the latter years, Kanye West has made it his business to become the American Pop culture tycoon he is today. And a book called Kanye West Superstar is supposed to tell the story of just how the phenomena that is Yeezus came to be.

Eminem Stans should look forward to a new collection of essays titled Eminem and Rap, Poetry, Race: Essays slated to hit shelves this November. The book will serve as an in-depth probe of Marshall’s career and his overall impact in Hip-Hop with his illustrious catalogue of music. The book will also examine the role of […]

When Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson came into the game he told the world he would get rich or die trying. Well, to some people’s dissatisfaction, he aint dead yet. But the former low level Queens crack dealer turned rap megastar has gotten rich 20 times over. We’re not even talking about the millions he’s made off record […]

When asked what her favorite book was girl I knew in school once said, “Books be wack yo”. It’s the kind of statement that would make Bill Cosby’s heart skip a beat, but the fact is many people are not excited about reading. Enter the Vook. It is what it sounds like. The Vook’s makers […]

Activist, politician and perpetual presidential candidate Ralph Nader has released a new book. Say what you will about Nader the man but Nader the author insists that you not call “only The Rich Can Save Us” fiction. Instead he prefers to think of it as “a fictional vision that could become a new reality.” In […]