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First of all, if Lark Voorhies truly does have a mental disorder as her mother claims, then the recent shenanigans we’ve witnessed via her social media page might be worrisome. However, it appears the former Saved By The Bell star has some manner of self-awareness regarding the spinning of attention in her direction.

As we shared yesterday, Voorhies posted a photo of herself in a blond hairdo and claims that she isn’t a Black person and has no connection to Africa. While the point has been made by others before her, Voorhies stances didn’t seem to rest on solid grounds.

In the past 24 hours Voorhies blasted actor John Travolta over an alleged sexual assault case, claimed that her account was hacked and that she’s also Black again. Voorhies also added that she’s not on Instagram and that she can be found at her Twitter account. Some digging revealed that Voorhies blamed her ex-husband for comprising her Instagram account over a month ago.

From Voorhies’ Instagram page:

I apologize! It seems as though my account has been compromised to the most fullest. My words and statements have been taken out of context and highly exaggerated. I am no longer on Instagram! For any and all updates regarding my highly anticipated album and my 4th book that’s just been completed, follow on Twitter! Thanks in advance! LV

While we don’t want to pile on Voorhies regarding her recent social media posts, it would be a shame if she’s doing this to call attention to her book and upcoming music ventures. And if it truly isn’t Voorhies on the Instagram page, someone’s got one hellish agenda to make her look like a fool.

Check out the following pages to see some of Lark Voorhies recent social media postings. Is there cause for concern? Sound off in the comments to let us know.

UPDATE: We’ve been contacted by Voorhies’ publicist, who says that the @thelarkvoorhies account is a fake. We were told that any posts signed “LV” are not connected to the actress and that her legal team is battling to wrestle control of the Instagram and Twitter account. Voorhies might be offering a public statement surrounding the issues soon as well.

Photo: Instagram

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