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UPDATE: The tweet originated from a parody account, but Bundy is still a genuine racist tool, though.

Domestic terrorist Ammon Bundy seems to think his plight is comparable to that of Civil Rights icon Rosa Parks. Yep, he said that. 

Reports the Chicago Tribune:

The tweet snuck out under cover of night — when many on the East Coast were asleep, and those braving freezing temperatures at the occupation of a federal nature reserve near Burns, Ore., were presumably bedding down, waiting to see whether authorities will cut their power.

But the 24 words sent into the world by Ammon Bundy — a man who wants ranchers convicted of burning federal land freed and the Bureau of Land Management out of Oregon — were perhaps the most provocative that have come out of the would-be standoff out West.

“We are doing the same thing as Rosa Parks did,” Bundy wrote. “We are standing up against bad laws which dehumanize us and destroy our freedom.” The tweet was still online early Wednesday morning, but Bundy has tweeted and deleted before — and his Twitter account was also temporarily suspended Tuesday afternoon.

This is where we point out that this anti-government scoundrel once took out a $530,000 federal loan.


Last we checked, Rosa Park wasn’t known for hypocrisy—or occupying federal buildings.

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