Nicki Minaj solidified her comeback with her latest single, “Yikes”, but according to Minaj she didn’t intend for the single to be released so soon.


Nicki Minaj recently ended her social media hiatus and has been blessing her fans with pics of her fits. Of course, Minaj was working on new music during her break and gave us a preview of her new song, but instead of praise, she is catching a lot of flack for an ill-timed Rosa Park […]

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UPDATE: The tweet originated from a parody account, but Bundy is still a genuine racist tool, though. Domestic terrorist Ammon Bundy seems to think his plight is comparable to that of Civil Rights icon Rosa Parks. Yep, he said that. 

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The people of today have no respect for Black History. This theory is being imposed after thieves reportedly robbed and ransacked the former apartment of Rosa Parks solely to get the copper that ran through her building.


Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks both stand as perhaps the most iconic figures of the Civil Rights Movement, bonded for eternity by what they’ve achieved. Now, a handwritten letter that King sent to Parks is up for sale and is said to be only such known correspondence between them.


December 1, 1955 marked a historical turning point in American Civil Rights history. On that winter day in Montgomery, AL, Rosa Parks became a symbolic figure for the movement when she refused to give up her seat to white passengers as fatigue from a long work day had set in.

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President Obama unveiled the full-length statue of Rosa Parks on Capitol Hill, earlier today. House Speaker John Boehner joined the commander in chief to reveal the statue in the Capitol’s Statuary Hall.

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Just a few weeks ago, it was announced that Rosa Parks would become the first Black woman to earn a statue on Capitol Hill. Reports confirm that President Barack Obama will now be a part of the historic moment slated to occur Wednesday (Feb. 27).

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President Obama honored what will be the 100th anniversary of Rosa Parks’ birth next week, releasing a proclamation spotlighting the civil rights figure, today. “On December 1, 1955, our Nation was forever transformed when an African-American seamstress in Montgomery, Alabama, refused to give up her seat on a city bus to a white passenger,” reads […]


Rosa Parks passed away in 2005, but her legacy will not soon be forgotten. Parks is set to become the first Black woman to earn a statue on Capitol Hill, Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) announced last Thursday (Jan. 17).


The U.S. Postage stamp featuring the image of Rosa Parks will be unveiled on what would have been her 100th birthday, Feb. 4. Two national unveiling ceremonies will be held in Detroit and Dearbon, Mich. 


Thelma McWilliams Glass, the organizer of the historic 13-month Alabama bus boycott which helped to launch the Civil Rights Movement  has died, she was 96. Glass who worked as a professor of geography at Alabama State University passed away, Wednesday (July 25). A statement released by the school lauded Glass for her commitment to equal […]