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Nicki Minaj solidified her comeback with her latest single, “Yikes”, but according to Minaj she didn’t intend for the single to be released so soon.

On Sunday (Feb. 9) Nicki took to Twitter to host a Q&A session with fans, during the event one fan asked how the single came about, Minaj revealed that after playing a snippet online that fans and her label wanted the record out immediately leading her to joking say that she was bullied into the release.

“I was playing a snippet for my crazy fans & they made me put it out,” Nicki said. “They are bullies. I only had 1 verse done. The label bullied me too. I’ve been bullied.”

Nicki also states that the concept for the song was made up on the spot as soon as she heard the beat, before noting that the outro was a freestyle.

”I made up the hook with no paper,” Minaj continued. “Just freestyled in the booth cuz I loved the beat. so the yikes part is me hearing the beat for the very first time. The verses I wrote down. The outro was a freestyle.”

Although the infectious single served as the reintroduction to Nicki Minaj, it was met with overwhelming controversy after a line in the single mentioned Civil Rights icon Rosa Park in a disrespectful and inaccurate manner—the day before the observation of what would have been Park’s 107th birthday. As previously reported, initial reports from TMZ claimed that Minaj said she meant no harm by the lyric, but Ms. Petty took to her Instastory to deny the claim, stating that she didn’t know that there was controversy nor did she care.

“Never said this,” Nicki wrote with the TMZ headline included. “Had no clue anyone was mad. Don’t care. #Yikes”

The brazen attitude may be giving fans a glimpse into the new demeanor of Minaj. During the Q&A session with fans, Nicki also shared with fans a new alter ego that she plans to debut soon dubbed “Queen Sleeze,” who she states is “more calm but deadly.”

“She’s more calm but way deadlier,” she said. “My husband always says he’s more afraid when I talk quiet then when I yell. Lmao. He said that’s how he knows when I’m dead tf serious.”

Check out her latest single, “Yikes” below.