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Millions of fans grew up with Malcolm-Jamal Warner‘s Theo Huxtable character during the The Cosby Show’s original run and via reruns. The latter abruptly came to an end as Bill Cosby’s alleged sexual assaults finally become mainstream fodder. 

But Warner believes the show deserves to return to your TV set.

Reports the Huffington Post:

With the sitcom’s broadcast future still up in air, Malcolm-Jamal Warner (aka Theo Huxtable) told The Huffington Post that he feels “The Cosby Show” “deserves to return to television” and says previous reports of him calling the show’s legacy “tarnished” were taken out of context.

“The legacy of the show being ‘tarnished’ was not my words. That was the word that the interviewer used,” he told HuffPost. “The legacy could never really be tarnished, because there are generations of young people who went to college and became doctors and lawyers because of ‘The Cosby Show’ and ‘A Different World.’”

Cosby’s arrest on December 30, which Warner called “surprising,” also leaves some to question whether the legal proceedings will affect the show’s availability on streaming platforms such as Hulu.

Sorry, but The Cosby Show‘s legacy has been indelibly “tarnished.”

Whether fans can separate Bill Cosby from Cliff Huxtable will always be in debate, and thus The Cosby Show will always have that controversy attached to its name.

Can you still watch The Cosby Show despite the allegations against Bill Cosby? Let us know in the comments.