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Pizza Hut has taken a cue from other large entities by incorporating (or appropriating?) popular slang used by the youth. The pizza company has unveiled its new Hut Swag clothing line complete with catch slogans and streetwear aesthetics.

Adweek reports:

Given that they can barely handle making the thing they’re named after, it seems a little presumptuous for Pizza Hut to sell branded clothing … but they’re doing it anyway.

Not only that, they’re calling the collection Hut Swag, so you can’t even talk about it without sounding like a dudebro idiot.

Current Hut Swag items include hats, shirts, socks, scarves and—for those of us who saw those “Twerk” sunglasses at the beach and thought “Nah, not tacky enough”—Pizza Vision Sunglasses.

While the venture is new, some of the slogans are not. One Hut Swag item has the phrase “Pizza Is Bae,” remixing a  popular practice of putting an object or person on a pedestal.

Perhaps Pizza Hut has the pulse of the youth and hired some smart people to work in their marketing department and despite the potential corniness of wearing a “My Pizza, My Life” shirt maybe they’re on to something.

Adweek’s assessment of the line’s outdated use of slang was a little less than favorable: “Then again, Pizza Hut delivering something late, and in an unsatisfying way, is pretty on brand.”

Ouch. And yes, this is very much a thing.

Check out some of the Hut Swag below. Let us know if you intend to cop anything in the comments.


Photo: Pizza Hut

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