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Martin Shkreli knows how to milk a moment, and he used his air time on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club show to issue a threat towards one of the Wu-Tang Clan’s most beloved figures once again. Continuing their war of words, Shkreli threatened to smack Ghostface Killah in the face next time they cross paths.

The so-called “Pharma Bro” has been hyping up his appearance on the daytime radio show, this after he and Toney Starks came at each other in recent weeks. While the Ghostface Killah situation was certainly on the table, Shkreli talked a bit about his come up in the financial and pharmaceutical game.

Things slowly shifted to the beef, and Shkreli didn’t back down from his tough talk despite constant jabs from Charlamagne Da God.

“He’s one of the greatest rappers ever but he’s still a man,” said Shrkeli. “He bleeds the same blood as me, it’s both red. And you wanna talk sh-t, I’m not the one. That’s it.”

Shrekli then adds, “If he was here right now, I’d smack him in the face.”

Watch Martin Shkreli’s interview with The Breakfast Club in the clip below. If you want to hop right to the Ghostface Killah clap backs, start the video at the 17:23 mark.

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