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The fallout from what should be a non-issue that was Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime performance continues. Charlamagne Tha God debated with conservation TV host Tomi Lahren on her own show about race and the anti-Beyonce struggle

Recently, Tomi Lahren complained about Beyoncé’s Black Panther themed stage show, stating that the Super Bowl is no place to further any political movements such as Black Lives Matter. She went so far as to call out her husband Jay-Z for his drug dealing days.

Naturally her redundant rant earned her the Donkey Of The Day honors on The Breakfast Club and apparently she took some issue with that.

Wanting an explanation as to why she earned the infamous accolade, Lahren invited Charlamagne onto her show where they locked horns on issues such as Beyoncé’s performance, the Black Panthers (which Lahren considers a terrorist group) and racial injustice in America.

Needless to say, she understood nothing that Tha God had to say, no matter how simply he put it.

Watch it below.

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