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It started on From The Bottom and now it’s here. Former Making Da Band 2 reality TV star Sara Stokes is suing—claiming that the network used her participation on their latest reality show to basically tar and feather her public image.

Reports TMZ:

Sara Stokes claims a production company approached her while she sat in the Saint Clair County Jail in Michigan and convinced her she could re-write her narrative by appearing on a new reality show produced by Queen Latifah, “From the Bottom Up.”

Stokes says, all the promises of showing her in a positive light never materialized. In fact, she says she was trashed on the show, which referred to her as a “man beater.”

Stokes’ legal team plans to sue BET for damaging Sara’s image for its own commercial gain.

This just serves as another reminder that the price of fame often includes hidden fees and surcharges that costumers didn’t know they were signing up for.

However, beating up your significant other, allegedly, doesn’t help your cause.

Photo: Instagram