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Vine comedian Brian Imanuel is the latest goofball viral sensation by way of his rapper alter ego, Rich Chigga. Rich Chigga’s “Dat $tick” introduces Imanuel’s silly take on hardcore Hip-Hop and adds visuals that highlight how far he’s away from representing the streets.

Questionable name aside, Chigga and his fellow Asian cohorts run through familiar rap video tropes including slow motion shots, the pouring of liquor in the streets for the dead homies, gun brandishing and several close-ups of mean mugging. What gives this hardcore posturing a humorous bent is Imanuel himself. Decked out in a pink polo, chino shorts and a fanny pack, Imanuel and his squad mob heavy in the suburbs and pull off every contrived tough guy post one can muster.

And about the bars? Well, let’s just say Imanuel’s comedy career shouldn’t be threatened by his parody attempt at rapping. There might be some a little concerned about the name thing and the exaggerated gangster themes present in the video.

The track has been coined “Asian Drill Rap,” a phrase that Imanuel himself shot down.

Check out the clip for “Dat $tick” below. Is it parody? Is it over the line? Sound off in the comments.

[h/t High Snobiety

Photo: screen cap