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Donald Trump‘s bizarre presidential campaign run has been one for the ages but it took some bumps when he failed to distance himself immediately from the Ku Klux Klan over the weekend. CNN pundits Van Jones and Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord battled during the network’s Super Tuesday coverage with Lord actually saying that the KKK was a “progressive” product of the Democratic Party.

Jones opened up his heated debate with Lord by taking Trump to task for his inability to talk down about the KKK although he’s been vocal about his disdain for terrorists.

“When he is playing funny with the Klan, that is not cool,” explained Jones. “I know this man. When he gets passionate about terrorism. I know he talks about terrorism. The Klan is a terrorist organization.”

Lord responded by attempting to connect the KKK to the Democratic Party, which was notoriously white and southern decades ago. While Lord’s ruse ultimately failed, he stayed on message and saying that liberals are playing the race card and not acknowledging that the KKK was part of the Democratic Party’s “progressive agenda.”

Lord was already chin-checked by a CNN colleague ahead of the showdown with Jones. As reported by Media Matters for America, CNN’s John Avlon shouted down Lord’s refrain that the KKK is a “leftist hate group.”

This isn’t the first time Lord has used ludicrous claims to defend Trump’s media gaffes and certainly doesn’t seem to be the last. But how can the CNN contributor legitimately state out loud that the KKK is a leftist organization when it stood for and continues to promote the eradication of races in favor of white superiority?

Where in a progressive agenda that seeks to be inclusive does the hate group fit? Of course, Lord can’t see past his blind loyalty and continues to be Trump’s lapdog.

Watch Van Jones and Jeffrey square off in the clip below. Hit the jump to see John Avlon give Lord his two cents.

[h/t Think Progress]

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