It’s show time. All the world’s a stage, OJ Simpson’s freedom is hanging in the balance, and Johnnie Cochran has no problem taking center stage and giving a performance that will echo through the ages.

In last night’s episode of The People V. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story, OJ’s role was minimal as the show belonged to the only two Black lawyers involved in the case. Knowing that his star is rising, Johnnie Cochran didn’t just play to the crowd like a silver-tongued politician looking to lock up primary votes on a campaign trail, but he also used every opportunity to bury Christopher Darden’s credibility – and Blackness – in the process.

And that’s just a few of the obstacles that the prosecution had to overcome as race is becoming a bigger issue at a time when they’re committed to the putting the walking swastika known as Detective Mark Fuhrman on the witness stand.

Hit the flip to refresh your memory and learn some things you probably didn’t about the trial of the century.

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