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On Monday, we shared the details of the ouster of several Black college students forcibly removed from a Donald Trump rally in Georgia with the mogul pretending not to know about it. The following day in Louisville, Ky., a Black student has come forward, alleging that Trump supporters called her the “n-word” and other offensive names as they shoved her out the building.

Gawker writes:

It was a typical scene at Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday rally in Louisville, Kentucky: A protester, surrounded by Trump supporters and jostled by them until she left the premises. According to the protester in question, it was perhaps even uglier than usual. “I was called a n*gger and a c*nt, and got kicked out,” Shiya Nwanguma said after the incident.

Nwanguma, a University of Lousiville student, made the comment in a cell phone video that was posted to Facebook. Nwanguma’s outfit and backpack in the Facebook video clearly match the attire of the person seen being pushed by Trump supporters.

The website added that New York Daily News columnist Shaun King wrote  a piece regarding Nwanguma’s ordeal. King noted that a white man seen pushing Nwanguma out of the rally is a known white supremacist by the name of Matthew Heimbach. Heimbach took to his blog and social media and essentially confirmed the confrontation but shifting the blame onto protesters.

Trump, already in hot water with GOP leadership for not immediately denouncing the Ku Klux Klan and other colorful remarks, has yet to comment on the past two incidents involving Black protestors and Black Lives Matter Activists being kicked out of his rallies.

A warning: the language in the clip below might be offensive to some.

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