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Harlem rapper Cam’Ron is collaborating with Reebok. With Purple Haze 2 on the way, Killa Cam will be dropping a shoe to honor the OG, 2004’s . 

Reports The Fader:

“I got a deal with Reebok,” the Dipset capo told The FADER on Thursday afternoon, speaking from the road to Boston, where the athletic company’s headquarters are located. “We’re doing all the finishing touches on it right now.”

Derived from Reebok’s track line, the so-called the Purple Hazeshoe will be purple with a contrasting pink insole. And, in keeping with the motif, Cam said that they drop on April 20. (A request for comment from Reebok was not immediately returned.)

A purple and pink shoe—only makes sense.

Also, Killa is now an investigator (see below).