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Who didn’t see this struggle coming from a mile away? After getting called out for social media shenanigans unbefitting of someone claiming bankruptcy, 50 Cent filed court docs that say all that cash he was seen stuntin’ with on Instagram was fake.

Oh word?

Reports TMZ:

The rap star now says in court docs filed Tuesday, responding to allegations he’s hiding money from his creditors in his bankruptcy case. The creditors saw 50’s slew of social media posts in which he showcased stacks of money.

But 50 now says the Benjamins are phony pics and he’s not hiding assets … it’s all for show, to maintain his persona.

Expect devoted 50 Stans to say their man Ferrari is simply finessing the system. Expect those rooted in rap reality to say, “Duh.”

And expect those who are a little bit of both to keep their eyes firmly transfixed on the jig.

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Photo: Instagram