Kelis may have decided to remain tight lipped about her divorce from Queens bred emcee Nas but the rapper s has decided to dish on his divorce as well as talk about how his life has changed since their separation.

In an interview with British on air personality Tim Westwood, Nas states that although he will never talk about the divorce directly, being in the spotlight a lot of issues were leaked that he wanted to remain private.

“I really have never been that type of dude to put my business out there,” Nas said. “With the situation I found out that no matter who you are, your business will be put out there because people want to know. I will never talk about the issue, but what I will say is I wish everyone the best and I want everyone to be happy.”

In regards to whether his problems with Kelis have deterred him from ever getting married again, Nas states:

“You live and you learn, when it comes to matters of the heart I go all in. I still think marriage is a beautiful thing, it’s just you have to be strong to weather the ups and downs. I had great hopes and thought we were going to do it big, but when two people see things different and have two different minds, you go into two different directions. But I definitely can see myself doing it again; I had fun doing it and got a beautiful son out of it.”

It’s always good to see that neither party is bitter….at least for now and until he sends out that alimony and child support check out every month.

And with the flop of Kelis’ latest album Fleshtone, I hope he’s not in court again with her trying to up the ante even more.

Check out the interview: