It was only a matter of time before we got to the most definitive moment in the trial of the century: the trying on of the gloves. And boy, were the events leading up to this moment a doozy.

On the latest (Mar.15) episode of The People V. OJ Simpson, D.A. Christopher Darden was becoming aware that they were losing the jury to the “big moments” that Johnnie Cochran and company were producing regardless of the concrete evidence the prosecution had in tow.

Desperate to make a “big moment” of his own, Darden takes matters into his own hands and records the biggest swing-and-a-miss in courtroom history when he asks OJ to try on the gloves. A move that the object of his affection, Marcia Clark, was opposed to and basically forbade him to make.

Things for the defense team weren’t that much better as Johnnie Cochran’s past came back to haunt him, Robert Shapiro reverts to his old plea deal way of thinking, and Robert Kardashian begins to question Uncle Juice’s innocence.

Hit the flip and find out just how crazy things were beginning to get leading up to the most controversial and costly move the prosecution – or Christopher Darden rather – made during the trial.

Photo: FX

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