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It’s Good Friday, and we get a mindblowing reveal from Quentin Miller. Drake’s former (credited) ghostwriter claims that Meek Mill’s crew blessed him with a fade in Los Angeles. 

DJ Vlad interviewed Miller, and share a rumor, detailed by Taxstone, that Meek Mill wanted him to write for the Philly rapper. The two crossed paths in Los Angeles, and a fade was allegedly delivered.

As for the latter, Miller told Vlad that he indeed got stole on.

“It’s true,” Miller told Vlad. “We was in LA, I was walking to the Nike store. He approached me, and this is really my first time talking with Meek. And basically he told me like he ain’t appreciate the letter that I dropped and it made it seem like he was a liar and what not. And they f*cking stole off on me in the Nike store and ran. I shed blood in the Nike store, on Wilshire.”

A few things. First, it looks like Taxstone delivered his intel under the premise that it wouldn’t be shared with the world via video. However, he did get the go ahead.

Second, it’s a safe bet someone already sent this clip to Meek Mill’s parole officer.

Third, Meek wanted a ghostwriter? We gotta hear both sides.

Miller stressed that he isn’t a tough guy and that Meek and company scored no points off two piecing him. He also kept it rather vague when it comes to allegations about who dropped the Drake reference tracks, whether or not Meek sought his talents and who did the swinging.

Watch the interview below. Looks like Meek Mill has already reacted, sort of.

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