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The good folks at Complex took Amber Rose sneaker shopping. You care. 

The anti-slut shaming maven hit Flight Club in Los Angeles and Joe La Puma picked her brain on kicks (there is no pun intended here, you perverts).

On raising her three-year-old son Sebastian to be a sneakerhead:
“[Wiz Khalifa] yells at me all the time cause I dress my son like a little nerd. He gets so mad at me, but his dad will probably hook him up with [sneakers].”
On Rihanna’s sneaker collaboration with Puma:
“The Pumas that Rihanna did are sick. I’m definitely looking forward to getting those.”
On who has better style—musicians or athletes:
“I think athletes do get a bad rep for dressing horribly, but that’s cause the ones that dress really bad stick out.”
On men who are obsessed with showing off their sneakers on Instagram:
“I think it’s very corny. I would be turned off by that.”
Amber Rose joking about the craziest thing she’s ever done for sneakers:
“I waited on the corner and I had a sign that said ‘Blowjobs for sneakers.'”
 There was also a mention of blow jobs for sneakers, but she was kidding. Again, don’t be a perv.

Photo: screen cap