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As if losing a fight to a child embarrassing enough, the ups and down of Katt Williams have taken another sad drop. The 42-year-old comedian is now being charged for getting laid out by a teenage wrestling star.

Reports TMZ:

Police in Gainseville, GA tell us Katt and the kid, Luke Walsh, have been charged with disorderly conduct. We’re told a Hall County judge issued arrest warrants after the charges were filed.

Cops say the fight, which included foul language being used in front of minors — is a violation of his conditional bond from his arrest for allegedly assaulting one of his bodyguards. Police have contacted Katt’s lawyer to discuss him turning himself in, but if he doesn’t, we’re told cops are ready to go find him.

We’re told Walsh was charged because in Georgia, 17-year-old offenders are considered adults.

The video of Williams in a chokehold at the hands of an obvious child, is the latest erratic chapter in the Ohio native’s life. Family members allegedly want him hospitalized for a mental disorder, while Williams thinks they’re after his money.

Whatever the case may be, let’s all hope that he takes a chill pill.

Photo: WENN