Now that the jury has regained their composure and is once again puddy in Johnnie Cochran’s hands, the greatest defense lawyer of all-time is looking to turn up the pressure. Tearing down Mark Fuhrman’s credibility is at the top of the list.

In last night’s (March 29) episode of The People V. OJ Simpson, the dream team got wind that a screenplay writer named Laura Hart McKinny had interviewed Mark Fuhrman about his life as an LAPD officer. However, she was refusing to talk to them about it.

The defense smelled blood and stopped at nothing to retrieve the tapes – which Cochran referred to as “Manna from Heaven” – that proved to be riddled with inflammatory and racist remarks. Seriously, this dude used the “N” word so many times you’d think he did it just to keep his teeth white.

All the while Christopher Darden is hanging on by a thread to his temper and sanity due to Cochran’s constant bullying in the courtroom and in the media. Who knows what would’ve became of Darden had Cochran had access to social media in ’94.

Hit the flip to see just how the trial of the century became the trial of Mark Fuhrman in HipHopWired’s recap of episode 9 of The People V. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story.

Photo: FX

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