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A ratchet mother of the year contender allegedly hired a stripper for her 8-year-old son’s birthday party. Do we really have to tell you what state this went down in?

Reports the Daily Star:

Clad in tight pink underwear, the stripper is caught on camera bending over and shaking her booty at the seated child.

Other youngsters are seen watching in the background as voices – seemingly children – laugh at the bizarre scene before them.

The stripper was hired by the boy’s mum to dance for him on his eighth birthday, according to online sources.

But the video of the alleged incident outraged the internet when it found its way on to Instagram.

Now people are calling for the mum from Tampa, Florida, USA, to be prosecuted, calling the act child abuse.

Ya think?

This is pure unadulterated child abuse. The stripper should be arrested, too.

Photo: screen cap