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Hamburger Helper, the boxed food product that promises to, ahem, beef up your beef, has been a staple in households since the early 1970s. With a savvy social media team, Hamburger Helper has managed to keep itself on the minds of millennials and a new mixtape, Watch The Stove, might take the brand all the way over the top.

This really doesn’t need a lot of explanation. Just imagine a modern-day Hip-Hop mixtape paying ode to one of the most consistently marketed food products of all time, with just a slight bit of corniness to make one realize that the brand isn’t seriously about to launch a label.

The trap-heavy extravaganza is just pure, goofy fun and entertaining enough for a few bumps. No word yet if those blue macaroni and cheese boxes got bars on deck. And not for nothing, this is the best use of April Fool’s Day in some time so to all you brands out there, take note.

Check out the Hamburger Hamlet mixtape, Watch The Stove, in the stream below. Let us know what your fave track is in the comments.

[h/t Adweek]