After it was all said and done, Marcia Clark and her prosecution team had little to no chance of pulling off this win. They went up against the Michael Jordan of defense lawyers in Johnnie Cochran, on his home court, and with no bench to help take some of the load off the starting lineup.

Clark and Darden put up a valiant effort but in the end just couldn’t match the depth of the Dream Team. In the finale to The People V. OJ Simpson, the verdict is in and never had there been a more obvious and public racial divide around the country than there was on that day.

If people weren’t celebrating in the streets then they were appalled by the decision.

Enough tears were shed on both sides to fill a few of the bottles of champagne that OJ popped at his freedom release party (the day of his release no less) and everyone involved in the case came to the realization that the final verdict will in some way, shape or impact the rest of their lives.

Hit the flip to see what you might’ve known, might’ve heard, or simply didn’t know about what went on behind the scenes during the last days of the trial of the century in the recap to the series finale to the compelling The People V. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story.

Photo: FX

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