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A nine-year-old boy was forgotten in a Chicago airport waiting room for eight hours after an airline representative forgot to get him for his connecting flight.

After visiting his dad in San Francisco, Julien Reid was headed home to Ottawa on an United Airlines Flight, a process that he does at least six times a year.

Reid arrived in Chicago for his connected flight and was put in a room with other children to wait for his flight.  However, when no one came to get him, Julien’s mother in Ottawa became very frightened when she saw other passengers getting off the plane but not her son.

It wasn’t until she got a she a call from Julien, using his own pre-paid cell phone, that she found out where Julien was and what condition he was in.

“I’m in a tiny, little room cramped with kids.”

The mother then asked Julien to put on the phone of the woman who were watching the kids, once on the phone the woman accidentally then confessed that no one had ever came to take Julien to his connected flight.  He was then finally put on a flight that left Chicago at 7 p.m. after spending nearly eight hours in the waiting room.