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KRS-One and MC Shan, Hip-Hop’s version of Ali and Fraizer,  just added another chapter to their 30-year long beef. The two veteran MCs are in yet another squabble over who won “The Bridge Wars.” 

Just in case you’re not all the way up on your Hip-Hop history, KRS-One’s Boogie Down Productions and MC Shan’s Juice Crew were once in a bitter rivalry over where exactly Hip-Hop originated from. Shan and Juice Crew claimed that it started in Queens while KRS and BDP swore that it began in the Bronx. The conflict resulted in classic diss records like Shan’s “The Bridge” and KRS’ “South Bronx” and “The Bridge Is Over” being exchanged. The winner of the “Wars” was never officially named although many would say that it was KRS and BDP. Especially with KRS reminding anyone who will listen that he beat Shan in the battle.

But Shan isn’t quite ready to let it go.

In an interview with the Murder Master Music Show, Shan says that he feels that him and KRS never really battled to begin with. “Me and [KRS-One] never battled, ever,” said Shan. “I don’t care; any Hip-Hop historian knows a battle is two cats on stage, doing what they do.”

Shan went on to challenge KRS and even warned that he has a stash of rhymes ready for KRS when they finally do battle on stage. Murder Master Music Show host Prez claims to have invited KRS to appear and rise to the challenge, but instead received a phone call where KRS demanded an apology from Shan.

That did not happen.

Shan however did respond with a blistering freestyle over the phone on the next episode of the show. For three straight minutes, Shan rapped with no beat. Before you judge, take a listen, Shan came with some pretty vicious bars and ended it with “that’s your apology.” Perhaps this this is a preview of the rhymes he claims to have stashed away.

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