It all started in February 2015 when a fan asked Badu if she ever listened to Banks’ music. To that Badu replied that she “tried.”

Banks chose to take offense to the one word reply and accused Badu, a Grammy-winning, critically-acclaimed artist with a catalog of classics, of being jealous of her.

Banks’ words did not get any nicer from there. She went on to make comments about Badu’s age and hygiene.

Things got so heated to the point that Badu turned on the geolocation tag on her Twitter account to show that she was in New York City tweeting from Queens, not far from Banks’ Harlem home. Banks took that to suggest that Badu wanted to meet her face to face to “talk.”

Luckily, there was no in-person meeting and more drama was averted. However, Banks did wind up blocking Badu and did not unblock her until their make-up session on Tuesday.

Azealia Banks And Erykah Badu have both had an explosive week on social media. Banks has been threatened with a lawsuit from former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Pailn over a series of Tweets suggesting that Palin needed to be “banged” by a group of Black men. Badu came under fire earlier this week for her comments about how young girls dress and the attention it attracts from men.



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