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Hip-Hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa has been accused by three more men of sexual abuse and molestation. The claims follow the first accusation made earlier this month.

The NY Daily News has spoke with three men who claim that Universal Zulu Nation founder sexually abused them in the 1980s when they were all in their early teens.

The three men are speaking out after a man named Ronald Savage conducted an interview with radio personality Star [formerly ofHot 97 and Power 105], accusing Afrika Bambaataa of molestation.

Of the three men who talked to the Daily News, two spoke anonymously. Only one, Hasaan Campbell, revealed his identity. Campbell told the publication that Bambaataa is a “pervert” and “likes little boys.”

All three of the accusers claim that the “Planet Rock” rapper showed them pornography and then performed oral sex on them. One accuser wishing only to be called “Troy” told the Daily News that Bambaataa showed him a picture of a penis and told him, “You don’t have to be gay for me to suck your d*ck.”

Both Savage and Campbell claim that the molestation acts took place at Bambaataa’s house, which at the time was a popular hangout spot for celebrities and troubled youth looking for a place to be.

Bambaataa has denied the claims through his lawyer Vivian Kimi Tozak. The Zulu Nation has also refuted the accusations, going as far to claim that the four men are a part of a United States government plot to take down the organization.

As of now, the allegations can do no more than tarnish the legacy and reputation of Bambaataa. Criminal charges can not be pressed because the state of New York has a statute of limitations that prevents accusers from pursuing criminal charges or civil litigation after their 23rd birthday. The men making the allegations ages range from 39 to 50-years old.