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A newly revealed love-letter written by Tupac Shakur is expected to be sold for at least $35,000, TMZ reports. The letter is dated May 22, 1988, about a month before he turned 18.

Pac’s crush was in his drama class and went by the nickname “Beethoven” because she played piano. The woman, confirmed with TMZ that she and the slain rap legend were in love as teenagers.

The letter reads:

Dear Beethoven,

“I felt compelled to write. I can’t really explain but I really feel good vibes from you. I’m almost sure we’ll be very close friends. I would have never guessed that you and I would be friends. But as the old saying goes…Wait, how does that saying go? Forget it! U get the point. I want you to know that you can tell me anything and if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, you can cry on mine.

I have so many good thoughts about what lies ahead for us and it is my hope that they all come true. As you will soon find out, I don’t spare words. I say what I feel. So if something I say scared you, please don’t panic because I tend to get over emotional. My heart usually leads me to0 fast and that’s probably why I always get hurt. So if it ever seems I’m moving too fast please slow me down! Talking to you on the phone was such a good feeling for me. I was beginning to feel alone and out of the blue, I meet you and it’s almost like I’ve known you for years. We have so much in common. We both love Prince. We have both had [broken hearts] and we both adore candles. What else could u ask for! C u 2morrow Beethoven!”

He ends the letter, “4 eternity Tupac Shakur” and adds his phone number. The writing is possibly one of the earliest of Pac’s obvious talent for vivid wordplay. Perhaps most revealing, however, is a willingness to open his heart and be vulnerable, even as an impressionable teenager.

Moments in Time, a company that sells “rare autographs, signed historical letters, vintage photographs, and more” is behind the Pac memorabilia. The company also has one of his letters from jail, where he opens up about being depressed and trying to “kill the pain” with weed and alcohol (before being locked up), getting shot fives times, and the racism he experienced behind bars.

Hit the flip to see a photo of Pac’s love letter.

Photo: WENN

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