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Russ’ physical address may be in Atlanta, but musically speaking, he is all over the map.

One of the main complaints that you hear about the state of Hip-Hop music today is that there is just too much of it. People who grew up buying albums every other Tuesday don’t quite get how one could keep up with mixtapes dropping daily. To paraphrase Lyor Cohen, many artists these days make tons of music and just put them out there “like little orphans.” Well, it’s probably time that we all get with the program, because Russ isn’t slowing down for you to catch up.

Since 2011, Russ has made 11 albums and he has a damn near infinite timeline of songs on his SoundCloud page. That may sound like over-saturation to you, but in Russ’ world it’s simply giving the world a big plate to choose from.

To date, the music on his Soundcloud page has garnered over 36 million listens, and it’s only been active since 2014. He has performed throughout the country and sold out shows in Europe. You may not have heard of him yet, but trust, a handful of the right people have.

Who: Russ, born Russ Vitale, is 23-years old and was born in New Jersey but grew up living in North Carolina [twice], Kentucky and then finally Georgia in his teens. Now living and working between Georgia and California, he doesn’t claim anywhere as his hometown or origin. Since he spent his high school and early adult years living right outside of Atlanta, he tells people that he’s from the A just for the sake of conversation. “It makes it easier for people to grasp,” he says.

Credentials: Russ has performed in the United States in cities ranging from Denver to Chicago. He’s also performed in Paris and had a sold out show in Belgium. He has opened for the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Waka Flocka Flame, Vince Staples, Dizzy Wright and Kat Dahlia.

Fun fact: His company and crew name DIEMON (pronounced like “diamond”) is an acronym for Do It Everyday, Music Or Nothing

Photo: Russ/DIEMON

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