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DJ Quik created quite a firestorm in the media this week when he spoke up and offered his honest opinion about Kanye West’s new album The Life of Pablo and West’s recent musical output period.

DJ Quik

In an interview with the #NOAHTV show, DJ Quik called Kanye “scared” and claimed that “his celebrity supersedes his talent right now.” He even went on to challenge Kanye to make better music.

Of course, Kanye stans and people who may not be all that familiar with DJ Quik‘s contributions to music thought that he was way out of line and did not consider him qualified to make such blasphemous remarks about Yeezus.

But, as a producer and rapper who has been in the game since 1987, worked with everyone from 2Pac to Tony! Toni! Toné! and has one platinum and three gold albums under his belt, DJ Quik is actually one of the few Hip-Hop artists walking the planet that can call out Kanye.

If you need some proof and reminders in audio form, check out this list of “10 Reasons Why DJ Quik Can Talk Sh*t About Kanye West.”


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