DJ Quik Is One Of The Few (Successful) West Coast Rappers To Build A Career Outside of the N.W.A. Family Tree

As it was stated earlier, Compton might as well be named after N.W.A. But Quik managed to make a name for himself without any affiliation with the group, which is hard to do in California. Outside of Bay Area acts like E-4o, Too $hort and Hieroglyphics and underground Los Angeles names like Murs, it is hard as hell to blow out of Cali without an N.W.A. connection. It’s true even now when you see rappers like Kendrick Lamar and The Game’s popularity in comparison to peers like Nipsey Hussle and Dom Kennedy. The closest Quik got to an N.W.A. co-sign was Eazy-E offering him $1 million to sign to Ruthless Records. However, Quik had already signed with Profile Records, which proceeded to send Eazy cease and desist papers.

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