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Prince and Hip-Hop are rarely mentioned in the same sentence, but on one night back in 2008, Prince was Hip-Hop.

During a show at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, Q-Tip was performing his 1999 hit “Vivrant Thing” with a live band as DJ Scratch backed him. Then, mid way through the song, you could hear the crowd get louder.

It was Prince. Yes, Prince. The Purple One himself emerged from back stage, asked the guitar player for his guitar and proceeded to play over the beat.

Prince played for a about a minute before returning the guitar. In a blog post on Miss Info, DJ Scratch explained the night’s unexpected event.

“Yo, while me and Q-tip were performing “Vivrant Thing” in Vegas last night….this n—a Prince walked out on the stage, took the guitar from our guitar player and just started rocking! None of us knew he was there until he popped up on the stage….then the n—a vanished like Batman, LOL!

The sound crew said Prince was in the balcony watching the show from the very beginning (The balcony was closed off). Then when “Vivrant Thing” came out, he just came backstage and walked out on stage.

None of us knew what was happening, then when we finished the show he was gone LOL!”

Kudos to Q-Tip for keeping the show going and not missing a beat. Anyone else might have stopped what they were doing and fanned out.