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Take a look at this gallery of NBA logos flipped with some Hip-Hop inspiration.

If there’s been any professional sports league that is welcoming to Hip-Hop culture, it is the NBA. From DJ Clue hosting NBA dunk DVDs to teams like the Atlanta Hawks having 2 Chainz as an honorary CEO, the connection between Hip-Hop and the NBA is a strong one.

Obviously inspired by the synergy, UPROXX Sports came up with the idea to re-create NBA logos inspired by Hip-Hop artists. Here is what they came up with.


This is an obvious one here. 2Pac was known for throwing up “Westside” and doesn’t get more Westside than the Los Angeles Lakers. The only choice that could be better may be Ice Cube or Snoop Dogg since he is usually front and center at the games.


Even 19-years after his death, The Notorious B.I.G. still holds the crown as the King of New York.


Jay Z co-owned the Brooklyn Nets, helped bring the team in from New Jersey and he designed their basic but effective logo. No brainer here.


There was a time when most working-class people in Los Angeles couldn’t afford tickets to Lakers’ games, so they went to the Los Angeles Clippers’ games instead. Seeing as how N.W.A. represented for the lower-class and unheard, this seems appropriate.

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