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Prodigy of Mobb Deep has partnered with BitTorrent yet again to release Prodigy X Alchemist: Albert Einstein Deluxe Edition via BitTorrent Bundle.

Hot on the heels of Mobb Deep’s 20th anniversary Hell On Earth reunion tour, Prodigy returns for his second collaboration with BitTorrent. His first partnership with the company was the 3-part RIP series that featured 45 songs and collaborations from Prodigy’s catalog. It was downloaded by 1.5 million fans and as a result of its success Prodigy has decided to reissue a deluxe version of his 2013 project with Alchemist, Albert Einstein, through the platform.

Available now, the special reissue includes four tracks from the record’s original deluxe edition, as well as three music videos. You can also hear an excerpt from Prodigy’s HNIC book.

“The incredible success of my recent ‘R.I.P. Series’ and the Albert Einstein album’s releases with BitTorrent confirms that digital torrents are the new era’s best way to promote artists, their music and, most importantly, their brands,” says Prodigy in a statement to “In my opinion, it is important to get music in as many people’s hands as possible and that’s exactly the kind of service that the folks at BitTorrent are able to provide.”

If you slept on Albert Einstein back when it dropped in 2013, take a few moments to sit down and enjoy it below. Click play to start the album, then after that you can click on the menu in the upper-right corner to select the rest of the tracks at your leisure.

1. Intro (MP3)

2. IMDKV (MP3)

3. Give Em Hell (MP3)

4. Stay Dope (MP3)

5. Curb Ya Dob (MP3)

6. Death Sentence (MP3)

7. Beat Meat (MP3)

8. Y.N.T. (MP3)

9. R.I.P. (MP3)

10. Dough Pildin (MP3)

11. Confessions (MP3)

12 . Bible Paper (MP3)

13. The One (MP3)

14. Breeze (MP3)

15. Raw Forever (MP3)

16. Say My Name (MP3)

Bonus Tracks (Deluxe Edition):

17. Mightier Pen

18. Murder Goes Down

19. Infamous Allegiance

20. Gnarly

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