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Lil’ Kim‘s new selfie has people asking a lot of questions, one of them being, “Who is the woman in the picture?”

Lil’ Kim‘s face has seemed to have reached Michael Jackson status as she is not even recognizable to most people.

Late Sunday night (April 24), the Queen Bee shared some new selfies on her Instagram page.

Not too soon after, people started leaving comments wondering just who the woman in the pictures was.

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Lil’ Kim’s “transformation” has been a topic in Hip-Hop for years. Her choice to have plastic surgery has produced many essays and think pieces about beauty standards and even her own self-esteem. Some have attributed her changes to wanting to look like singer Faith Evans, who was married to her mentor, The Notorious B.I.G. Other theories have suggested that B.I.G. himself was the source of Kim’s supposed low self-esteem.

But in a 2005 interview with Angie Martinez Lil’ Kim revealed that she originally started getting plastic surgery to fix a broken nose she suffered from a fight with an ex-boyfriend.

“There are certain things that I think I was obsessive with, that I always have time to fix,” she told Martinez. “People think I did it because I had low-self esteem. But that wasn’t the case, I think I did because I was a little to vein at the time, trying to be perfect.”

When Martinez asked if she was done getting work done. Kim replied, “Certain things I have to fix, but not as far as to go to the extreme to put something in. If anything I would take away.”

Kim has not reacted well to questions about her plastic surgery jobs since and has become notorious for shutting down most people who ask her about it.

Click over to see some fan reactions to Lil’ Kim’s latest look.

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