Malik Yusef has been one of Kanye Wests closest musical allies over the course of the mercurial rapper and producer’s long career. Yusef, an artist and poet who has collaborated in the past with West, suggested in a video interview that the Chicago superstar is allegedly struggling with mental issues.

Back in February,  Che “Rhymefest” Smith issued similar statements regarding West’s mental state and cut all professional ties with him. As reported by HotNewHipHop, Yusef added his assertion regarding via an interview with YouTube personality Drea O along with claims he had a huge hand in the creation of The Life of Pablo album.

From HotNewHipHop:

“He doesn’t take his medication because he chooses not to, and I applaud him for that,” said Yusef. After Drea asks Yusef what medication he’s referring to, he responds, “Whatever they prescribe you for like bipolar or schizophrenia or whatever they diagnosed him as.”

Yusef then makes sure to imply that he doesn’t necessarily attach much credence to traditional diagnoses. “That doesn’t mean anything,” he said with regard to Kanye’s possible mental disorder, “You know, they can diagnose you as all kind of stuff. That doesn’t mean you have to adhere to those principles.”


Watch Malik Yusef speak on Kanye West’s supposed mental issues and much more in the clip below.

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