Just when it seemed like Busta Rhymes’ days of coughing up dough in court was over, he once again finds himself putting the fate of his bank account in the hands of a judge.

Only this time instead of Uncle Sam looking for their cut of the “Dangerous” rapper’s earnings, it’s his former chauffeur who’s claiming he’s been cheated out of his salary, overtime pay, and has even been subjected to bullying by Busta himself.

According to the New York DailyNews, David Jones is seeking $236,064 in monetary damages and legal fees for the services he provided Busta Rhymes from October 2014 to February 2016 when he claims he was assaulted by the Brooklyn rapper. To add insult to injury Busta then allegedly fired the driver for failing to wash the rappers “chosen automobile of the day.” And the suit doesn’t end just there.

Reports NY DailyNews:

Rhymes, 43, is also accused by Jones, 57, of age discrimination. The suit claims Rhymes made derogatory remarks such as, “You drive like an old man,” and “You driving your age,” when Jones apparently refused to drive faster than the speed limit or pass a red traffic light.

“These remarks were repeated two to three times a week, were intentionally hurtful, upset the plaintiff and injured his feelings,” the suit states.

But things really came to a head last year.

The star and the driver had a falling out in January 2015 with Jones briefly resigning because Rhymes refused to allow him go home to Queens with a blizzard and traffic ban looming.

But the final drama occurred in February when the dirty Yukon set Rhymes off, threatening to dock Jones several day’s pay for the transgression which he allegedly claimed “‘messed up my son’s birthday.'”

Rhymes allegedly shoved the older man in the chest with both hands. “‘Don’t touch my truck! Get your old ass outta here,'” Rhymes allegedly told the driver, according to the suit.

When will these rappers learn that they are extremely vulnerable to these kind of proceedings whenever they act out towards employees, fans, or even alleged jerks.

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