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So much for the “blue wall of silence.” A recently retired New York police officer has taken to social media to put a married NYPD police chief on blast.

Tabatha Foster is accusing NYPD Patrol Borough Brooklyn North chief Jefferey Maddrey of not only sleeping with “all the police officers on the job,” but also suggests, “Somebody needs to stop chasing pregnant married girls around the department.” Adding “Jeffrey loves pregnant girls.”

But Foster, 40, isn’t exactly sparing herself from being one of the chief’s conquests stating, “I appreciate you allowing me to sit on your face. That’s all it’s good for.”

Painting the picture of a man who’s thirst surpasses that of anything Sprite could ever quench, the 40-year-old former police officer remembers, “When I was in the hospital. This fool had the audacity to come for Azz while I had iv in my arm,” she posted. “He is so greedy for Azz. I had to literally get out my hospital bed and go into bathroom to this greedy ass man some ass.”

According to the New York Post, the aspiring R&B singer then went for the NYPD’s reputation posting, “The New York City Police Department wasted taxpayers dollars investigating and harassing me over my song So Much In Love,” adding, “Now they trying to hate on Beyonce. It is too much crime out there that need the police attention.”

A source for the New York Daily News suggested this is just the case of a woman scorned.

Reports NYDailyNews:

The source said all of Foster’s raunchy Facebook posts were false, as was her assertion that Maddrey had a thing for pregnant, married women.

“She’s been stalking and harassing him for about two years. She would send him naked pictures of herself and beg him to have sex. She would try to talk to him every day and ask him for his help,” the source said.

Foster even stalked him at 1 Police Plaza and sometimes sat outside his home, the source said.

“She became too clingy; she is just promoting lies to harass people,” the source said.

Texts the source provided to the Daily News show Foster flying into a rage when he didn’t have time to see her.

“It’s about to be a war,” she texted three times within two hours on Jan. 31.

When Maddrey stopped taking her phone calls, she bought burner phones to hide her number so he would pick up, the source said. She also hit him up for $400 and wanted him to throw a party for her, the source added.

“I’m at your house. Where the f— are you?” she texted on April 2. “You getting me furious.”

A few minutes later Foster added, “I love you with all my heart, but you really causing problems. I bout to go public.” On May 2, Foster seemed to reach a tipping point, texts show.

“I will kill your a–,” she wrote. “You be dead. Cause that’s what I’m thinking right now.”

A fed-up Maddrey told her to go ahead and report him to the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau.

Maddrey met with investigators Thursday, and remains on full duty, the source said.

While this is a bad look for the married 45-year-old police chief, we can only imagine just how much worse the scorned woman at home is going to take this news.

Seems like Beyonce’s Lemonade couldn’t have come a better time for at least one of these ladies.

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