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To the surprise of many, iLoveMakonnen is calling it a career. No, seriously. The Atlanta artist and former OVO signee took to Twitter to announce his retirement from the rap game which he considers to be “wack” and “flexed up.”

A few months after Chicago rapper Chief Keef announced his departure from the rap game (didn’t happen), iLoveMakonnen follows suit as another artist who’s barely put together a catalogue suddenly calling it quits.

“The game don’t need Me, the game need more like me, more that will be themselves and not afraid like everyone else! It’s all love,” said on Twitter before adding, “It’s like for me to stay I have to diss all these rappers and be negative, I don’t wanna do that so I’ll move on. How positive is that.”

While that last statement might’ve been true in Hip-Hop circa ’04 (you can thank 50 Cent for that), today’s version of the game seems more geared towards artists like iLoveMakonnen succeeding— with social media and the public in general embracing eclectic artists such as himself, Young Thug, and so on.

Now whether or not this was just a case of iLoveMakonnen getting all in his feelings for being released from OVO after slandering his former boss is anyone’s guess as the tweets have since been deleted, but until he releases some new material we’re going to have to take his announcement at face value and see if he makes an “unexpected” comeback as Chief Keef did… kind of.

Hit the flip to peep the kid getting emo on social media.


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Photo: Instagram/@ilovemakonnen

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