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The screen name “Racist McShootFace” drove up the bidding for the gun George Zimmerman claims he used to gun down Trayvon Martin during a fateful Florida encounter in 2012. After Zimmerman’s original auction was shut down by an online service, a second auction site launched complete with other screen name jabs.

Several outlets have reported about the user name stunt, which included the names Weedlord Bonerhitler and Donald Trump as well bidding on the gun. Gawker reports that bidding reached $65 million under the Racist McShootface name before it was suspended by the auction site. Bidding has returned to more normal levels, but still unusually high for a weapon that was used in a controversial murder case.

At last check the bid for the weapon as the United Gun Group website sat just under $500,000 but the site is considerably slowed down, most likely by online trolls looking to upend the process. Zimmerman originally posted the weapon on before the website shut down the sale of the firearm. The former volunteer night watchman is referring to the weapon as a “piece of American history” and wants to use proceeds of the sale to take on Black Lives Matter activists.

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