While streaming services like TIDAL, Apple Music and Spotify continue to battle it out, radio DJ’s are still some of the most influential people in the country when it comes to breaking new music and artists. With XFINITY X1 and XFINITY Internet, you can stream thousands of shows and movies, share pictures, video-chat and more with blazing-fast speeds. Plus, if you’re a fan of Black entertainment check out the Black Film & TV collection with XFINTY On Demand. Enjoy movies, music, videos, TV shows and more. XFINITY X1 will change the way you experience TV.

Who are some of the names every up and coming act should be familiar with thanks to the strong followings (read: potential new fans and listeners) they’ve grown in their own right? Hip-Hop started with a DJ selecting the right records, so it only make sense they’re still an essential cog in the music machine.

Consider this a primer on the most popular DJ’s in the game. Check out the 10 Most Influential DJ’s In The Nation on the following pages.

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