Just because the Oklahoma City Thunder pulled off an unlikely upset last night against the Golden State Warriors, don’t think that Kevin Durant isn’t under the spell of The Based God.

Before going 10 for 30 against the reigning NBA Champs, Kevin Durant was reminded by Lil B that the infamous curse is still in full effect—stating, “Just got word from ‘ The BasedGod ‘ that the thunder will not be beating the Warriors in the playoffs series,Durant is still cursed.”

For those that don’t know, the Lil B hex on KD dates back to 2011 when Kevin Durant stated he “can’t believe [Lil B] is relevant.” After hearing of Durant’s comments the Bay Area rapper cursed him declaring that KD “will never win the title.”

Five years later and B’s words couldn’t ring any truer. As any one familiar with the supernatural will tell you, any man who has no qualm with wearing old lady attire on national TV is fully capable of throwing some bad juju on anyone.

And let’s not forget that KD’s homie, James Harden also caught the wrath of the Based God last year when the Rockets were taking off and making noise. A year later Harden’s team has turned into a complete mess. Coincidence?

We’re still waiting to see what kind of blessings an NBA player will get when he declares Lil B a Top 5 Dead Or Alive rapper.


Photo: screen cao

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