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Golden State Warriors forward Draymon Green revealed the secret to his success in his Sports Illustrated cover story. He watches women.

NBA Champion and All-Star Draymond Green is earning a reputation for being the NBA’s most versatile player. He can guard any position on the floor and he is just a deadly in the post as he is behind the 3-point line.

However, even though he’s currently playing for the best basketball team in the world and alongside the reigning two-time MVP Steph Curry, he insists that watching him isn’t what’s made his game better. He actually credits his success to “girl watching.”

Draymond Green

Per SI:

He lacks the patience to cook with his girlfriend or sit at the park with their eight-year-old daughter. He chills out by watching basketball—specifically women’s basketball. “In the NBA there’s always a guy who is only around because he can jump,” Green says. “He doesn’t have a clue about the fundamentals. I learn more from the WNBA. They know how to dribble, how to pivot, how to use the shot fake.”

Hold up. Did Draymon Green just not only admit to watching Women’s basketball, but actually liking it? And learning from it?

The guy actually does have a point. Players in the WNBA may not have the same level of strength and agility as their NBA counterparts, so they have to master the fundamentals. Running over or jumping over an opponent isn’t really an option in their league.

Green’s Warriors are currently trying to play their way to a second consecutive NBA Championship. They are trailing the Oklahoma City Thunder 1-0 in the Western Conference Finals.


Photo: Sports Illustrated

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