Katt Williams has been a walking ball of struggle, and the hurdles faced by the comedian on the legal side have been staggering, to say the least. Finally, Williams caught a lucky break in one of his several cases after a Georgia court withdrew his case which will help him avoid jail time.

Williams himself was not present in a Hall Count, Ga. court over an attempt by prosecutors to have his probation removed and place him in jail over an assault case. However, without the witnesses present, the case had no weight and the motion was withdrawn.

TMZ reports:

The D.A. in Hall County, GA filed a motion to revoke Katt’s bond in one of his criminal cases — an alleged assault on his bodyguard.

The hearing went down Wednesday, but 3 subpoenaed witnesses for the prosecution failed to show up … and as a result the motion was withdrawn.

Katt was not in court to celebrate his victory.

Williams was charged with false imprisonment and terror threats in the case of the bodyguard. But it was his tussle with a teenager and he assaulting a restaurant manager that moved prosecutors to want to revoke his probation.


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